• District Diversity Strategies

    District Diversity Committee

    In order to ensure that the District Diversity Plan is relevant to district needs and reflects a wide variety of perspectives, a District Diversity Committee was formed in 2008 to identify existing and emerging needs related to diversity within the district and community; recommend activities to respond to these needs and promote and support diversity initiatives within the district and community.

    The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to support the academic success of all students; strengthen district-community partnerships and prepare students for a changing community and world.

    Diversity Committee members include district administration, teaching staff, classified staff, staff, parents, students and community members representing law enforcement, business and faith communities. The District Diversity Committee annually reviews and provides feedback on the District Diversity Plan.

    District Diversity Plan


    The Diversity Plan identifies seven strategies to support the creation of learning environments that promote the academic success of all students. Specific activities have been developed to implement each of these strategies.
    1. Student Academic Achievement:
    2. Intercultural Student Activities and Partnerships
    3. Intercultural Staff Development
    4. Safe, Respectful and Inclusive Learning Environments
    5. Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Staff
    6. Inclusive and Responsive Curriculum and Instruction
    7. Communication with Staff, Families and the Community
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    Equity Alliance MN 


    Forest Lake Area Schools is one of ten member school districts that comprise Equity Alliance MN.

    This collaborative, involving St. Paul and nine suburban school districts, supports voluntary integration among East Metro urban and surrounding suburban schools.

    Forest Lake’s District Diversity Plan is intentionally designed to correlate with Equity Alliance’s vision and mission:

    Equity Alliance MN Vision: To be a leading voice for educational equity and integration.

    Equity Alliance MN Mission: The mission of Equity Alliance MN is to help educational institutions develop equitable learning systems and narrow the gap in opportunity, achievement, expectations, and resources for every student and staff member through teaching, learning, and community engagement.

    Multicultural Resource Center

    Classroom Partnerships

    District Equity Leaders

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