Thank you for visiting the Columbus Elementary School website! This website has been created to provide information you will need as you begin your relationship with us. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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    About Our School

    Excellence logo Columbus Elementary - A Minnesota School of Excellence

    Columbus was awarded the Minnesota Elementary School Principal's Association School of Excellence award in May of 2003.

    Educational excellence is at the heart of the Columbus experience. Our students enjoy challenging studies and encourage one another to contribute their best efforts in the classroom.

    In addition, Columbus offers:
    • Colorful, warm and welcoming learning environment.
    • Open and flexible classroom layouts perfect for multi-age activities.
    • Dedicated, highly-skilled, and experienced staff.
    • Character development programs.
    • Strong community and parental involvement.
    • Media center at its hub, offering computer workstations, resource materials and much more.
    • Outdoor learning environments including wetlands, nature trails, and student gardens.
    • Mobile computer labs, portable keyboards, digital camera and camcorders.
    • A variety of enrichment opportunities from Destination Imagination. After-school Math Blast and Book Clubs to Artist Residencies and Lyceums. 
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