Wyoming Elementary front entrance

About our school

  • Wyoming Elementary is a K-6 school which is a part of the Forest Lake Area School District. We are located on Highway 61 at the south end of the city of Wyoming. Stop by and see what we are all about!
    For the well-being of each student, the Wyoming Elementary School staff continually strives in our mission to achieve the following:
    • to develop a spirit of cooperative effort and effective communication
      between students, parents, teachers, support staff and administration.
    • to strive for the highest level of academic achievement.
    • to foster growth in the development of a positive self-image.
    • to develop self-discipline and responsibility for personal behavior.
    • to develop skills necessary to become a contributing member
      of our democratic society.
    • to instill respect for the rights of other people and their cultures.
    • to promote the importance of learning as a life-long need.
    In the effort to achieve our mission, we will monitor and
    evaluate the continual process of being an effective school.

    Building a Strong Foundation


    Educating students is our number one priority.
    At Wyoming Elementary School, the academic efforts of
    our K-6 students are supported by:
    • Excellent Teachers
    • Challenging Curriculum
    • Up-To-Date Technology
    • High Standards
    • A Safe Learning Environment
    • Involved Parents