Welcome to the CS

    We as a community will create and maintain a positive inclusive learning environment which fosters the skills to thrive through social emotional development and college and career readiness
    Core Values
    Statements of belief that drive our words and actions?
    ~We believe in equity.
         Creating a welcoming environment for all
         Awareness of student needs- emotional/physical/cultural
         Building cultural competence in the classroomImproved Student Learning
    ~We believe that all students can and will be successful.
         Using positive affirmations
         Focusing on student strengths
         Unique classroom environment
    ~We believe in building positive relattionships with our students.
         Judgement-free environment
         Using student interests to motivate learning
         Being fully present with students
         Modeling positive relationships
    ~We believe in student growth.
         Functionally preparing for the future
         Increase in self-confidence
         Academic/social-emotional growth
    ~We believe in high expectations for our students.
         Growth mindset
         Assisting students in setting and achieving goals
    ~We believe in educating and supporting the whole child.
         Accepting students from where they are
         Teaching and promoting empathy
         Providing proactive social/emotional support
    ~We believe in providing resources and accomodations to meet student needs.
         Centering instruction on research and evidence-based practices
         Providing resources both in and outside of school
         Consistently following 504 and IEP accomodations
    Environmental Aspirations
    ~What will our building look, sound, and feel like?
      Ensuring that all students have the supplies and resources they need to be successful.Environment
      People are treated as individuals with unique attributes, skills, and needs.
      Our building is a place where all ideas and identities are welcomed and supported.
      Encouraging the development of study skills and work habits for success in and out of school. 
      An accepting environment for all
      More options elective classes
      More job and career resources
      More supervised areas
      Teach persistence
      Incorporate more goal setting in academic courses
      Teachers modeling growth mindsets and the power of yet
      Positive phone calls home
      Group work teaching emotional regulation and pro-social skills
      School based mental health programs
      Providing better access to elective courses taught at the high school
      Peer helpers for new students
      Students engaged in learning
      Continuity with staff and programs
      Positive interactions between students and staff and staff and staff
      Providing resources based on current student need
      Teachers building on student strengths
      Using inquiry based or project based learning that include student interests and ideas
      Students have the opportunity to create their own graduation plan(clp/plp)
      Model empathy and positive communications (respond to student outbursts in a calm discussion type manner)
      Welcoming and well kept building
      Staff accommodate student needs /having high expectations
      Offering a variety of relevant classes that fit student interests
      Helping students with study skills and strategies
      Provide more teacher pd when needed
    Strategic Outcomes
    Our school will…
      Build capacity around project based inquiry by providing PD
         o Interdisciplinary areas
      Understand students’ needs in an effort to offer opportunities for academic and personal growth in a changing world
         o PBIS-instilling a positive and proactive vs punitive behavioral intervention approach to support students in the school
         o OJT/Internship opportunities Strategic Planning
           Ex: Project Search 
         o Post-Secondary Planning 
         o Credit Recovery
         o Digital Learning
         o Social Emotional Learning/Self Regulation
         o Life Skills
           Problem Solving
           Identifying and finding resources
          Maintaining an equity lens in everything we do: curriculum, decision making, instructional practices, access to materials and opportunities, etc
      Utilize community resources to support mental & chemical health (Canvas Health, Lakes Center For Youth and Families)
      Build relationships through Ranger Hour by assigning 10-15 students to staff members in an effort to personalize learning (CLP’s, career and college readiness, and internships) *Note: program shifts to be determined
      Build capacity around MTSS and PST; having representation at a district level
      Utilize positive language in all areas
      Analyze various types of data to determine academic and social needs building wide
    Key Required ShiftsKey Required Shifts
    How is this different from our current reality?
      Internship/Volunteer Coordinator (Jamie Bullock/Molly Bonnett)
      Continue to implement PBL through EdVisions
         o Identify and acquire resources needed for successful implementation
      Growth mindset
      Synergy training vs SWIS
      Planned PD Training around proactive vs punitive approach with behavior; building capacity around PBIS-based behavior interventions. Example includes ACEs Training & Check and Connect
      Create active action teams
      Plan PD around equity and culturally competent instruction / Circle of Safety and SCARF
      Ranger Hour: need to build capacity around relationships & student based mental health
      CLPs & PLPs: building a framework around this so that it’s a positive and useful experience
      Advisory changes to Ranger Hour
      Discussion around new programming and shifts: Inquiry, Student Centered learning. Multi-disciplinary instruction
      4 Pieces of the CS:
         o Credit Recovery- (9-12) after school hours in a seat-based program guided by the teacher. Enrollments will come through the office. Teacher is responsible for organization of curriculum.
         o CS High School (9-12)
         o Dual Enrollment
         o Online CS High School (available for other students in other districts).
      Shifting / move to our new space
    This website has been created to provide information you will need as you begin your relationship with us.
    The links listed on this page will connect you to information on a wide variety of topics to help you get acquainted with our school and the Forest Lake Area School District.

    If you have additional questions about our school, feel free to contact our office at 651-982-3175.