Class Schedules:
    • The student day begins at 9:15 a.m. and ends at 3:40 p.m. 
    • Classroom schedules follow a 5-day ABCDE rotation.
    • During each 5-day rotation, classes are scheduled with the music and physical education specialists twice and with the media specialist once.
    • Grade level lunch schedules are listed below:                                                                                        



                            To recess       To lunch      back to class room

    6th Grade:         10:35             11:00           11:20

    5th Grade:         11:00             11:25           11:45

    4th Grade:         11:25             11:50           12:10

    3rd Grade:         11:50             12:15           12:35

    2nd Grade:        12:15             12:40            1:00

    1st Grade:         12:40             1:05             1:25

    Kindergarten      1:05              1:20             1:55



    Bus Dismissal:
    *All students being picked up or going to SAC will be released at 3:40.  Students being picked up by parent or guardian should have a note indicating the time that the student will be picked up and who will be picking them up.  Students leaving before 3:30 will be dismissed from the office. 
    *All students will be released to their buses or parent pick up at 3:40 unless weather causes a delay.
    *Please do not attempt to pick students up from the bus lines.  
    *Safety is our main focus.  Please assist us by sending a note any time you are picking your child up from school or there is a change in their normal transportation home.



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