These student enrichment opportunities will be available at Scandia Elementary for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Continental Math League
    The Continental Math League is a national program that promotes mathematical problem solving. Students in grades 2-3 complete three CML meets and students in grades 4-6 complete five meets during the school year while in math class. A meet consists of the student reading and solving six problems utilizing various mathematics concepts. Our district mathematics curriculum provides the foundation in these concepts and the CML problems expand on that knowledge base. Teachers review the problems with the students afterwards to enhance their mathematical understanding.

    Word Masters Challenge
    The Word Masters Challenge is a national program to promote vocabulary development in students in grades 3-6. Three times a year students complete an analogy style test based on the vocabulary words given to the students for that time period. Classroom teachers encourage and support student understanding of these words through a variety of activities.