• Start Here:

    American Psychological Association
    This website is filled with articles on psychological studies to background articles. Note that there are also a great deal of additional resources linked from this web page.

    Use ELM:
    ELM (Electronic Library of Minnesota) is a state sponsored source of academic periodicals and articles.
    best source for this assignment: Student Research Center

    • use "Advanced Search"
    • select search terms carefully
    • use the "full text" check box
    • try the Explora Library database
    • when you find an article that interests you, note the subjects for finding other articles of similar type
    • step by step guide to using ELM is here

    What about Wikipedia?
    Wikipedia is NOT an academic resource, HOWEVER, it can be place to get started looking for information and academic resources. Never cite information from Wikipedia, instead, find, verify, and cite information upon which Wiki articles are based. (Using the bibliography can be useful, BUT ONLY IF the resulting sources are academic in nature.)

    Citing Information:
    Here is my web page on online helpers and other resources for citing your materials in APA style.

    Online Tips for Writing an APA Style Lab Report: