Reshaping Opportunities  
    Junior High School
    As part of the district’s Reshaping Opportunities for Success Project (2015-2020), Century Jr. High and Southwest Jr. High will merge into a single district junior high school, located in the Century building. Starting in the fall of 2018, this building will serve all district students in grades 7 and 8, and all 9th grade students will attend Forest Lake Area High School. The junior high building will undergo the following changes:
    Improvements for Better Learning
    • Classroom additions and renovations to accommodate all of the district’s 7th and 8th grade students in one building

    • Renovations and upgrades to the existing Industrial Arts areas to improve learning.
    Upgrades of Safety & Security
    • Reconstruction of the front entrance of the building and access control systems to improve the safety and security of students and staff

    Repairs and Deferred Maintenance Projects
    • Air conditioning extended to classrooms and other educational areas of the building that are not currently air conditioned to improve indoor learning environments

    • Replacement of existing building automation and temperature controls systems to improve occupant comfort and increase operating efficiencies
    • Replacement of selected exterior window systems and select exterior door systems to ensure a water-tight building envelope and improve accessibility

    • Parking lot and access road expansions and improvements.
    Click here to download a PDF of a print brochure containing information on the changes ahead for our junior high school programs.
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