Student Handbook 
    Many of our procedures and other useful information can be found in our Rules & Regulations handbook.
    Dress Code
    Students and their parents are responsible for choosing appropriate clothing for school.  
    Southwest allows students considerable freedom of choice in selection of school attire but will
    not allow dress that:
    • Creates a real or perceived interference with the learning process within the school.  Examples of this include:
      • clothing with inappropriate or offensive words or pictures
      • items that reference tobacco, alcohol products, and illegal drugs 
      • items that are sexually explicit or suggestive.

    • Creates a health or safety hazard or perception of a hazard to any person, including the wearer, and/ or prevents students from doing their best due to blocked vision or restricted movement. Examples include
      • chains
      • sunglasses
      • slippers
      • shorts/skirts/dresses of inappropriate length
      • pants are worn below the waist

    • No spaghetti straps or tank tops are permitted.  

    • Shoulders must be covered.  

    • Clothing must completely cover chest, buttocks, back, midriff and underclothing.

    • Pants need to be worn at the waist and shorts and skirts must be as long as the student’s fingertips with arms at their sides.  

    • Even on cold days, students are not allowed to wear coats during the school day.  
    Violation of the dress code will result in the student putting on appropriate attire or being sent home.