The goal is to support technology use in the high school, by developing students who can solve problems while interacting effectively with others.

    Tech Team Members:
    • Support high school students by providing:
      • Technology repair of district-owned computers
      • Troubleshooting of common technology issues
      • Google Apps and web support
      • Training new students on FLHS technology practices
    • Support high school staff by:
      • Serving as tech assistants during technology rich lessons
      • Helping technical staff set up and manage hardware and software
      • Providing building staff with tech support of hardware and software
    Team members are part of a for-credit technology course designed as a vocational learning experience.
    • Students must apply and be accepted to join the team. You should register for the course as though you will be accepted, and then complete the application. See the application page to learn more.
    • For Tech Team I (a student's first year on the team) a student must register for a 1 credit commitment (equivalent of 2 high school courses) during a single academic year.
    • For Tech Team II (only for students who have successfully completed Tech Team I) - students may register for 0.5 OR 1.0 credits per year. (students must reapply for acceptance into Tech Team II)
    As a member of the Tech Team, students will spend their assigned class time staffing a “help desk”. Students are available for spontaneous problem solving, and they assist staff as necessary. While working on the team, students are expected to:
    • interact with other students and staff in a professional and business-like manner
    • show work ethics appropriate for any professional environment
    • develop and demonstrate technical abilities and communication skills
    • demonstrate self direction and personal initiative
    • develop good time management skills
    • take directions from superiors
    • work well with others
    In addition, Tech Team II students are expected to:
    • assist in training and supporting Tech Team I students
    • planning and implementing a technology-based project that will:
      • provide the student with an area of learning that they can tackle in depth
      • provide an opportunity for independent work
      • create a project that provides value to students or staff if possible
      • be focused on some area of technology which is of interest to the student and deemed appropriate by the instructor