About Forest Lake Area High School

  • Forest Lake Area High School is located in Forest Lake, Minnesota. We currently serve students from Forest Lake and other local communities, including: East Bethel, May Township, Ham Lake, Hugo, Columbus, Lino Lakes, Linwood, Scandia, Marine, Stacy and Wyoming.

    Our school provides a dynamic and challenging education to more than 1,900 students in grades 9-12. We are proud to offer a rigorous education for all students - whether they plan to graduate to the workforce or continue their education.

Our Mission

  • To prepare and empower every student to thrive and contribute to an ever changing world.

Challenging Opportunities Abound

  • Forest Lake Area High School provides learning opportunities that challenge all students. Courses are designed to provide relevant, real-world experiences. We offer:

    • A five-period schedule, providing more time for students to study each subject.
    • Courses focused on developing critical thinking skills.
    • Opportunities to earn as many as two years of college credit.
    • A wide variety of electives, from agriculture and business, to graphic design, technology and art.
    • Five-year world language programs in Spanish, French and Chinese.
    • Award-winning orchestra, choir, and band for beginning to advanced music students.
    • A variety of extra-curricular activities promoting leadership and teamwork.