• Reshaping Opportunities for Success

    On Nov. 3, 2015, the voters of Forest Lake Area Schools approved a bond referendum that will make repairs and upgrades to all of the district's buildings. This project has been named the Reshaping Opportunities for Success (2015-2020) project.

    Scope of Project
    • Safety and Security
    • Upgrades in energy efficiency
    • Repairs or replacement of roofs
    • Repairs or replacements of boilers
    • Repairs or replacements of HVAC
    • Upgrades of outdated classrooms
    • Other repairs, replacements and upgrades


    Detailed Information About The Project

    The following links will provide detailed information about the various elements of this facilities project:


    Elements of the Project

    Safety & Security Upgrades: This page first shows the safety and security challenges that the district faces and the shortcoming of the current designs of the schools, and then the district's plan of action to address these needs and to provide students with a positive, safe atmosphere for learning in a modern and secure school building.

    The 7 - 12 Secondary Campus Plan: This page gives an overview of the plan to combine Century and Southwest junior high schools into a single middle school, and to move all 9th grade students into the high school in order to provide them with the academic opportunities of a modern high school student.

    Elementaries - A School-By-School Breakdown: During this facilities project, every elementary school in the district will gain important repairs to facilities and upgrades in safety and security to bring them up to reasonable standards. This page will provide a school-by-school breakdown of all of the changes that will occur.

    Project TimelineSome of the project construction will begin as early as the spring / summer of 2016, but the bulk of the project won't be undertaken until the following year. This page provides a general breakdown of the timeline of this project.

    Project Updates The project managers for "Reshaping Opportunities for Success 2015-2020" provide weekly updates on the progress of the various projects. This page provides links to each of these weekly reports.