Early Childhood Programs Financial Assistance Options


    The Forest Lake Early Childhood Programs have a variety of fee assistance options available based on the program your child is enrolled in and your family circumstances. No district family will be excluded from the Little Rangers Half Day program or Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) classes due to the inability to pay. For more information, call or email 651-982-8349 or earlychildhood@flaschools.org.

    • Pathway I Scholarship

    • Pathway II Scholarship

      • Forest Lake Early Childhood Programs receives limited funding from the Minnesota Department of Education to help families cover the cost of preschool for students who are 3 or 4 years old. 
    • School Readiness Scholarship

      • Through the School Readiness Scholarship, we can offer a limited amount of financial assistance to families. There is an application process to complete; children must meet specific criteria based on the sliding fee adapted by the Early Childhood Programs to participate. We are not able to assist all families that apply. Assistance will focus on the children attending Little Rangers Half Day Preschool enrolled the year before kindergarten entry, but limited scholarships are available in Full Day Preschool as well. 
  • What does each program accept?


    • Full Day Preschool

      • Pathway I
      • Pathway II
      • School Readiness Scholarship (limited funds for the full day program)


    • Half Day Preschool

      • Pathway I
      • Pathway II
      • School Readiness Scholarship


    • ECFE

      • Sliding Fee

    Please send completed applications to earlychildhood@flaschools.org