Little Ranger Roadster

Little Ranger Roadster

Little Ranger Roadster Classes

  • Little Ranger Roadster: Stop & Play Ages 1-5 Non-Separating

    To allow for proper social distancing, during the pandemic families will need to register for the Roadster and only 4 students and 1 caregiver will be allowed on the Roadster at one time.

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    • Hardwood Creek Library
      • 19955 Forest Road North, Forest Lake
    • Woodlund Mobile Home Park
      • 1719 Lake Street S, Forest Lake
    • Linwood Townhall
      • 22817 Typo Creek Dr NE, Stacy


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Little Ranger Roadster?

    The Little ranger Roadster is a mobile learning environment focused on traveling through our community to provide children with a fun and educational experience. There will be time for finger plays, stories and art for your child while they learn new and exciting skills.

    Why was the Little Ranger Roadster created?

    While completing our Community Needs Assessment during the '17-'18 school year, it was determined that the two obstacles preventing families from attending preschool were transportation and cost. With this in mind, we created a mobile classroom that would provide a free preschool experience to children and families in the community that may not be able to attend a regular preschool program. This service is here to increase a child's success in kindergarten.

    How is the Little Ranger Roadster funded?

    The funding for this project came from our School Readiness state aid to help children in the community become ready for kindergarten through Early Childhood Education. The Early Childhood Programs do not receive K-12 district funds or funds from any levy referendum. 

    What age is the material appropriate for?

    Materials are designed for children up to five-years-old. Different materials are brought onboard for age-specific classes. 

    Does my child ride in the Little Ranger Roadster?

    Children will not be transported in the Roadster, it will remain parked for the duration of the class.

    Can I leave while my child attends a class on the Little Ranger Roadster?

    This depends on the class. Please read the Roadster class you are interested in for details. For some classes, children must be accompanied by an adult. While children are on the Roadster with a teacher and assistant, the parents will join a parent educator to discuss parenting topics to support their children's social-emotional learning.

    What is the cost of a class and do I need to register?

    This varies based on the class you are interested in. Most classes are free or have a very low cost. Drop-in classes do not require registration, while preschool classes do require registration. The Roadster is meant to reach out to the community and prepare your child for a lifetime of learning fun!