Electronic Library of Minnesota

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    • use encyclopedias to get an overview
      • It is difficult to find research unless you know something about your topic.
      • Encyclopedias may NOT be used as an academic source
    • Find academic sources from appropriate databasesselect database
      • Click the "Databases A-Z" link to see descriptions of databases
      • choose ones that seem to match your needs
      • some of the databases that are useful for many subjects include (but are NOT limited to)
        • Academic Search Premier
        • Ebsco Megafile
        • Student Research Center
        • Student Resources in Context
    • use search limiters (usually check boxes)
      • full text
      • peer reviewed
    advanced search

    full text

    • Consider a NOT search
      • Sometimes a search will bring back lots of articles that are all referencing something you don't want, like a book review. By using a NOT in your search criteria, you can eliminate items that are cluttering up your results.

    NOT search

    In this example, searching Cleopatra brings back numerous results on the Shakespeare play "Anthony & Cleopatra"


    Using the NOT in the search terms will eliminate results associated with the play, leaving better results for articles on Cleopatra, the person.