Everyone Belongs

Fall Learning Opportunities

  • Everyone Belongs - Equity Innovation Lab

    Please join us in creating change in the Forest Lake area and creating communities where Everyone Belongs. Everyone Belongs is a joint project of the Forest Lake Area School District, the YMCA of the North Equity Innovation Center, the Forest Lake YMCA, Lake Center for Youth & Families and area cities and townships.

    If you would like to be a part of this change, we are writing to invite you to participate in the Equity Innovation Lab process this fall. The Equity Innovation Lab will include up to seven sessions that will be open to all members of the communities served by the Forest Lake Area School District. These sessions will be held virtually. Participants are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.

    To register: you can use this link or this address: https://rb.gy/n1qv1c 


    Everyone Belongs - Equity Innovation Lab Sessions:

    Vision Session: Saturday, September 26, 9-12:30pm 

    Lab Session 1: October 13, 7-9pm

    Lab Session 2: October 20, 7-9pm 

    Lab Session 3: November 10, 7-9pm  

    Lab Session 4: November 17, 7-9pm

    Lab Session 5: December 1, 7-9pm (if needed)

    Lab Session 6: December 8, 7-9pm (if needed)


    The Equity Innovation Lab is designed to create a vision and action steps to:

    • Create a welcoming and inclusive community.

    • Increase intercultural awareness and leadership.

    • Expand intercultural competence as it relates to our community and school district.

    • Enhance the school district’s and community’s culture that supports diversity, equity and inclusion.

    • Provide a strategic structure for creating inclusive communities.

    • Foster intercultural relationships both internally and externally.

    To learn more about the YMCA Equity Innovation Center, click here, https://www.ymcanorth.org/social_responsibility/equity_innovation_center

    Questions? Contact Ben Thomaas at Ben.Thomaas@ymcamn.org 

  • The PURPOSE of the inclusion project is to ensure that the Forest Lake Area is inclusive for all  individuals and families. 

    Please mark your calendar for the

    The customized equity innovation lab experience will allow us TO CREATE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR SYSTEMIC CHANGE. We will do this by

    • Increasing intercultural awareness and leadership.
    • Expanding intercultural competence as it relates to our community and school district.
    • Creating a vision and action steps to create a most welcoming and inclusive community.


    Everyone Belongs is JOINT PROJECT with the Forest Lake Area School District, the YMCA Equity Innovation Center, and surrounding communities.
    All sessions will be held at the Forest Lake Area High School Media Center. Food and child care will be provided.

    Get involved.

    For more information, contact:
    Steve Massey, 651-982-8104