Ranger Academy - Elementary Distance Learning

  • Ranger Academy is a remote learning option for elementary students (grades K-6). Enrollment is open to students from any Minnesota school or district.

    Students in Ranger Academy will be assigned to a teacher and learning cohort based on grade level or grade band. Teachers will use Forest Lake Area Schools curriculum and teaching practices aligned with Minnesota State Standards.  Teachers will monitor progress, assess student learning, and provide support for their students.

    Student learning will take place through a combination of pre-recorded and/or live lessons in all subject areas, including social emotional learning. Students will participate in individual and/or small group scheduled check-ins with their teacher and may also have the opportunity for virtual peer to peer learning.

    Technology resources:

    Ranger Academy will use our district's technology resources but will also provide paper copies of materials when needed.

    • SeeSaw (grades K-2)
    • Google Classroom (grades 3-6)
    • Google Meet (for virtual class or student/teacher interaction)
    • Students will need access to an internet-enabled device for distance learning. If a student's family cannot provide one, a school-owned device will be available for check-out

    Typical Distance Learning Day

    • Most learning will take place on a flexible schedule, but some lessons or interactions may take place at a scheduled time during the school day.
    • Students can expect daily interactive instruction through live chat, virtual group or individual lessons, or phone chat.
    • Attendance will be recorded based on daily interactive contact between student and teacher, participation in virtual group learning, and/or turning in completed work.
    • Typical grading systems will be used to provide feedback on student progress.
    • Students will continue to receive special education minutes (speech, language, reading, etc) and 504 accommodations.


    Families who choose Ranger Academy will be asked to make that choice for a full semester. 


    Please contact our Ranger Academy principal, Kelly Tschudy-Lafean at 651-982-3171 or by email at ktschudy@flaschools.org.

    Enroll in Ranger Academy

    To enroll in Ranger Academy, please contact 651-982-3171 or email our Ranger Academy principal, Kelly Tschudy-Lafean at 651-982-3171 or by email at ktschudy@flaschools.org.