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    Registration for each year’s courses is a very important aspect of the high school experience. Plan the high school program with careful thought because the courses selected will play an important part in a student's future opportunities. Seek assistance from parents, teachers, deans, and principals when choosing courses.

    • Team Approach - The best approach to a proper schedule is for students, with assistance from their parents and dean, to carefully select correct choices when they register.
    • Graduation Requirements - A number of courses are specifically required for graduation. Be sure to carefully review the credit requirements page as well as the required courses page to plan high school course selections.
    • PlanningPlanning worksheets have been developed to make the registration process easier. Students will receive a paper copy of this document. This worksheet must be completed before bringing it to registration night. 
    • Career Plan - Career choices will likely change many times during a high school and college experience. Having a plan in place will be of great value in selecting courses that will ultimately support career choice decisions. Use the career pathways chart to help select courses in area(s) of interest.
    • Aim High - Select challenging courses in high school to prepare for future educational and career goals. Students who plan to attend a 4-year university are encouraged to take AP & CIS courses to earn college credit. 
    • Be Selective - Choose elective courses that challenge learning, support interests, allow for exploration, and pursue vocational goals.
    • Prerequisites - When choosing courses, check the course catalog for prerequisites.
    • Take Responsibility - Although deans, teachers, principals, and professionals in your field of interest can help with advice in choosing courses, THE FINAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR COURSE SELECTION RESTS ENTIRELY WITH STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. Registration is a big task. Take your time reading, learning, and planning for the best possible high school experience.
    • Ask Questions - If in doubt about anything, ASK.
    • Alternates Matter - Every effort is made to give students the courses they desire. However, due to course enrollment and staffing availability, students may not receive every class they choose. Please be sure to make alternate course selections in order of preference.

    Schedule changes are discouraged during the school year. The only acceptable reasons for a schedule change are:

    • Student is missing a prerequisite for a class on his/her schedule.
    • Student is lacking a class required for graduation, college admission, or completion of a graduation requirement.
    • Student is academically misplaced.

    Students who meet the above criteria may make schedule changes before the term begins and within the first two days of a term. Any drops after fifteen school days into a term, will result in an "F" for the course dropped and subsequent placement will be coordinated by the student's dean.