Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame Nominations

  • *Please see our District Hall of Fame page for information about our other hall of fame.

    Nominations are currently being accepted and are due by March 17.

    Who can nominate?

    Any person or group can nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, and self-nominations will also be accepted.

    How to nominate:

    Online: To nominate someone, please fill out this online form.

    Through the mail: If you prefer, this paper nomination form for former coaches, or this paper nomination form for former students can be printed, filled out and mailed to the district office or dropped off in person.

    Mailed forms should be sent to the Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame Selection Committee, Forest Lake Area Schools, 6100 N. 210th St., Forest Lake, MN 55025.

About the Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame

  • Throughout the long history of Forest Lake Area High School activities, numerous individuals have made significant and lasting positive impacts on advancing the recognition of Forest Lake’s educational community. Many years ago, an Athletics Hall of Fame was created to honor the most successful athletes and coaches from this high school. But due to several circumstances over the years, that Hall of Fame had not been updated for many years and had become inactive.

    In 2012, the leadership of the high school and school district decided to renew and regenerate the school's Athletics Hall of Fame, and new inductees - including both athletes and coaches - were elected.

    Then in 2013, the decision was made to expand this hall of fame to also include students, coaches and advisors who have made significant contributions to the district's arts programs - which includes any other activity sanctioned by the Minnesota State High School League, such as music, debate, speech, one-act play and robotics.

    Every summer, new members are inducted in a formal induction ceremony that takes place on the Monday before graduation, held in conjunction with the high school's Academics Awards ceremony. A separate reception is then held the next day to honor those new inductees to both the High School's Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame and the District's Hall of Fame.

    Arts and Athletics Hall of Fame Booklet (last published in 2018)

Selection Criteria

  • Former Coach Eligibility

  • Former Coach Selection Criteria

  • Former Student Eligibility

  • Former Student Criteria

Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame

Arts & Athletics Hall of Fame Members

  • Class of 2023

    John Buck
    Nancy Ellias
    Mark Fahey
    Jake Matheson
    Paul Moberg
    Angie Ryan
    Matt Wallner

    Class of 2022

    Vanessa Agnes
    Deborah Bendix
    Dan Cremisino
    Jamie Mueller
    Leif Nordgren
    Cam Stottler

    Class of 2021

    No new inductees due to COVID-19 pandemic.

    Class of 2020

    No new inductees due to COVID-19 pandemic.

    Class of 2019

    Stephen James Anthony
    Henry Hebert

    Class of 2018

    John Bruley
    Ben Fick

    Class of 2017

    David Blasko
    Robin Erickson-Lind
    Aaron Forsythe
    Jane Gilles
    Bryan Peltier
    Christopher Sieber
    Heather Westmoreland

    Class of 2016

    Karen (Howe) McDonough

    Class of 2015

    Sara Dupslaff Young
    Jerilyn Glenn
    Thomas Hollihan
    Regina Laroche Theune

    Marty Rychley

    Class of 2014

    Krista Lange
    Dorothy Sunne
    Susan Swanson Novak

    Class of 2013

    Katie Alsdurf
    Rick Bayless
    Brian Brenberg
    Kathy Briguet
    Jay Brisson
    Krista Hipkins-Brenberg
    Charles Chalberg
    Bob Dettmer
    Bert Evgen
    Adam Haayer
    Nicky Hebert
    Bill Jeans
    Bobbie Jo Saxe-Davis

    Class of 2012

    Greg Benson
    Angie Berg-Ryan
    Dan Bever
    Jack Conley
    Andy Elvester
    Bobby Ewings
    Jessica Fedderly
    Paul Furrer
    Amanda Gage-Didier
    Angela Granquist
    Chuck Gunderson
    Don Hapka
    Pete Hegseth
    Stephanie Howe
    Ivars Kauls
    Juris Kauls
    Ziggy Kauls
    Mitchell Marr
    Troy Marr
    Bill Morehead
    D.J. Morehead
    Bernard “Bud” Nygren
    Allison Paitich
    Joan Paulson
    John Reiman
    Pete Saxe
    John Schumacher
    Suzanne Stennes-Rogness
    Wayne Thompson
    Jim Trudeau

    Previous Inductees (1984-1999)

    Tim Almquist
    Eric Carter
    Mike Chalberg
    Megan Cooper
    Kristen Copham
    Andy Cossette
    Jason Davids
    Jason DeVries
    Rich Elliot
    Lori Florhaug
    Todd Fultz
    Tal Gravelle
    Justin Hahn
    Jill Hanson
    Brent Houle
    Mike Humphreys
    Dan Jacobs
    Jennifer Joesting
    Karl Johnson
    Jeff Julkowski
    Kim Kauls
    Paul Kendrick
    Scott Kohls
    Diedre LaRock
    Becky Lindberg
    Anita Paulino
    Patty Paulino
    Peggy Paulino
    Terry Paulino
    Paul Peters
    Ryan Poepard
    Scott Poepard
    Todd Poepard
    Tom Ramboldt
    Rick Schwab
    Robin Swenson
    Carla Thurnbeck
    Serese Thurnbeck
    Joe Toth
    Lezlie Weiss
    Debbie Westrum
    Aaron Wilborn
    Joyce Wistrcill