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Budget Categories

What does each district fund support?

General fund
State aids, local property tax levies, federal aids and local fees are the major sources of revenue for the general fund. This fund pays for teachers in regular education, vocational education and special education; support services such as secretaries, paraprofessionals and education assistants; district and school administration and their support staff; pupil support services such as health and guidance counselors; textbooks, library books, teaching supplies, maintenance workers, bus drivers, electricity, heating, technology supplies and fuel for buses.

Food Service Fund
This fund pays for the food and preparation of breakfast and lunch meals each day, five days a week for district students. State aids, federal aids and the sale of meals are the major sources of revenue for the Food Service Fund.

Community Service Fund
Community Education and related services are supported by the Community Service Fund, including those in the areas of recreation, civic activities, nonpublic student activities, adult or early childhood programs. Local Community Service fees from patrons, property tax levies, state aids and federal aids are the major sources of revenue for this fund.

Debt Service
A debt service fund is used to pay principal and interest on voter approved bonds. The bonds could be for technology purchases, remodeling or new building construction, or the refinancing of higher interest cost bonds. Building bonds could be considered similar to a homeowners mortgage, the debt service fund pays the principal and interest on bonds much like a mortgage.