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General Fund

Our General Fund


State aids, local property tax levies, federal aids and local fees are the major sources of revenue for the general fund.
The general fund pays for teachers in regular education, vocational education and special education; support services such as secretaries, paraprofessionals and education assistants; district and school administration and their support staff; pupil support services such as health and guidance counselors; textbooks, library books, teaching supplies, maintenance workers, bus drivers, electricity, heating, technology supplies and fuel for buses.

Budget information

Minnesota Department of Education's website: Minnesota Report Card

District Revenue and Expenditure Budget



In accordance with ESSER III compliance requirements, find MDE ESSER III Spending Plans information here.

Why we need operating levies

State legislators have given communities local control by allowing voters to pass operating levies, also called referendums, to help fund school operations.

At one time in the state’s history, general education costs were paid for by the state and operating levies provided "extra" funds to schools to go above and beyond the standard requirements.

Those times have changed. Now, after several years of frozen state funding, tax shifts and rising inflation costs, operating levies are vital to providing standard educational programs.

Operating levies today are not extras. School districts rely on heavily the money from local taxpayers to help pay for necessary expenses that directly impact the classroom.

Over the years legislators have put a greater burden on local property taxes to fund education, so that now, almost 15 percent of our district’s revenue comes from local levies. 

Operating levies are essential to providing much needed revenue to pay for teachers and staff, purchase textbooks and supplies, buy computers and much, much more. Across the state, districts have operating levies ranging from $1 per student to over $2,000 per student.