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Property Taxes

Truth in Taxation

The district's annual Truth in Taxation meeting is held in early December.  During the meeting district leaders shared info about proposed levies and the impact on property taxes to be paid in the upcoming calendar year.

View the Truth in Taxation Presentation 2023 for taxes payable 2024

Understanding the difference between ‘voter-approved levies’ and ‘other levies’

When you look at your property tax statement, you will see two separate categories under school district taxes: "voter-approved levies" and "other local levies."

Voter-approved levies: Districts can ask for funding from local voters in two ways - operating levies and bond referendums. Levies provide money for operating expenses, such as teachers, supplies, and other expenses that directly impact the classroom. Bonds provide funds for special projects, such as the building of a school.

Other levies: The legislature created non-voter approved levies to help districts fund expenses that are designated for specific purposes, such as Q-Comp (teacher performance pay), health and safety improvements, building leases, Community Education, and other mandated programs.