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School Board Committees

The following school board committees meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The community is invited to serve on these committees. If you are interested in learning more about these committees or would like to serve on one of these committees, please contact Joy Mouch at:, 651-982-8104.

Buildings & Grounds Committee (5:00 PM): Luke Hagglund, Jeff Peterson

Reviews the operations of the school district's maintenance, grounds and buildings; recommends adjustments and modifications to the school district's maintenance and operations budget; analyzes legislative proposals; involved in setting the annual capital outlay budget; and recommends cost effective and efficient capital projects and initiatives for full school board consideration.

Communications Committee (6:00 PM): Luke Hagglund, Jeff Peterson

The Communications Committee provides feedback and offers suggestions on print materials, websites and other district communications. The group focuses on publications for both community members that reside in the district, and those families considering a move into the district. Committee members also provide ideas of ways the district can improve its communication with residents.

Curriculum, Instruction & Equity (5:00 PM): Curt Rebelein, Junior, Gail Theisen

The Curriculum, Instruction and Equity Committee reviews instructional planning and programming around standards alignment and equity; monitors assessment results and progress toward student achievement goals; and provides feedback on academic reporting including World's Best Workforce and state and federal programs.

Finance Committee (6:00 PM): Julie Corcoran, Rob Rapheal, Gail Theisen

Reviews, monitors and communicates issues within the school district budget; analyzes legislative proposals; recommends adjustments and modifications to the school district's budget; involved in setting the annual property tax levy; and recommending cost effective and efficient projects and initiatives for full school board consideration.

Policy Committee (6:00 PM): Jill Christenson, Curt Rebelein, Junior

The Policy Committee reviews and updates all of the district's policies relating to the School Board, district administration, business operations, personnel, students, instruction, and community relations. The committee also monitors changes and trends affecting public education and considers new policies to deal with those changes. The committee makes policy recommendations to the full School Board.

Staff Welfare Committee (5:00 PM): Jill Christenson, Julie Corcoran, Rob Rapheal

The Staff Welfare Committee, with school board input, assists administration in employee contract negotiations, staff development and teacher review, new position development, staff policies, employee benefits, grievances, job descriptions, monitors state and district finances in regards to staff and staffing levels, and conducts the Superintendent's annual evaluation, pay for performance and contract negotiations.