It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Central Montessori Elementary School of Forest Lake Area Schools. I hope you were easily able to find the information you were looking for within our website.Ms. Morgan with Kindergarten

    At Central Montessori, you will discover a safe, positive learning environment for your child. Our school environment and standard-based curriculum provide children with an opportunity to engage in reaching their fullest potential.
    Children develop the skills to be successful learners, more importantly becoming independent, self-confident, and gaining a sense of responsibility to become successful members in a global society.
    Parents and community partnerships contribute to a healthy learning environment for our children. We encourage parents to be involved in their children's education. We believe in creating a culture of achievement by building a positive learning community for our students.
    At Central Montessori Elementary, it is our privilege to welcome your family to ours.
    Kelly Lafean, Principal

    "The secret of success is found to lie in the right use of imagination in awakening interest..."
    "Knowledge can be best given where there is eagerness to learn, so this is the period when the seeds of everything can be sown."
    Maria Montessori, To Educate the Human Potential

    About the Central Montessori Program 


    The Montessori program is an elementary option for students in grades K-6.

    • The program in open to all children in the Forest Lake Area School District, regardless of their traditional elementary attendance area.
    • Montessori is a public education option - there is no tuition.
    • Central Montessori Elementary is housed at the Central Learning Center, located at 200 SW 4th Street in Forest Lake.
    • Bus transportation is provided for all children living in the Forest Lake Area School District.
    • Central Montessori accepts students from other districts through open enrollment, based on availability. For more information regarding open enrollment, please contact the principal's office at (651) 982-3171.

    What a typical Montessori Classroom looks like:
    Has multiple age groupings in a classroom. These groupings are:
    - Level I - Kindergarten
    - Level II - Grades 1, 2, 3
    - Level III - Grades 4, 5, 6
    • Has children stay with the same teacher for more than one year. Approximately one third of the class moves on to the next level each year (Level II to Level III or Level III to Jr. High).
    • Promotes the teacher as a guide who presents lessons and encourages the children to become more responsible for their own learning.
    • Students meet all the district's learner outcomes and graduation standards through the use of district curriculum and current best practices, and is supplemented with Montessori methods when appropriate. Central Montessori Elementary is a modified Montessori Program.
    • Strives to make learning fun!
    For more information, or to schedule an appointment to visit the Central Montessori classrooms, please call 651-982-3170.



    Future Focus Initiative

    Central Montessori is focused on preparing our students for future success. Children begin developing stereotypes about themselves and their abilities at an early age. We want to ensure that they perceive themselves as having many skills and abilities, as well as many options in their futures.
    Strategies:Officer Meyer

    • Student self-reflection on behaviors of success;
    • Guidance lessons aimed at looking to the future;
    • Student led conferences; and
    • Daily communication home regarding student perception and reflection about the day.

    Outcome Targets:
    • Increase sense of competency and options for the future;
    • Increased ownership for learning;
    • Increased engagement/motivation/relevance/excitement in learning;
    • Prep for 7th Grade Ramp Up Milestones; and
    • Early focus on a positive future.