Welcome to the ALC 

    "The ALC is a community made up of dedicated,
    exceptional students and highly qualified, professional staff members."


    2016 Graduates

    All students will graduate from high school with the skills to pursue and be successful in a high skilled career of their choosing and kindle their innate desire for lifelong learning.
    We as a community will create relationships with our students; supporting them academically, socially, and emotionally in order to celebrate their graduation from high school.  All students will be prepared for future academic and career success.
    This website has been created to provide information you will need as you begin your relationship with us.
    The links listed on this page will connect you to information on a wide variety of topics to help you get acquainted with our school and the Forest Lake Area School District.

    If you have additional questions about our school, feel free to contact our office at 651-982-3175.