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    Schedule (In-Person for ALL Community School students) 

    Monday - Thursday 
    (ALL CS students)

    (At Home Learning day for ALL CS students)

    Breakfast   7:45-7:55

    Prep & Office Hours:   7:30-9:30

    Period 1   7:55-8:43

    Period 1   9:30-10:00

    Period 2   8:46-9:33

    Period 2   10:05-10:35

    Period 3   9:36-10:24

    Period 3   10:40-11:10

    Ranger Connect   10:27-10:57

    Open        11:15-11:45

    Lunch   10:57-11:27

    Period 4   11:50-12:35

    Period 4   11:30-12:52

    Lunch     12:35-1:05

    Period 5   12:55-2:15

    Period 5   1:05-1:50


    Prep & Office Hours:   150-3:30



    • All students participate in class on a daily basis either in person or synchronously, including concurrently enrolled students from the High School.  

    • Attendance will be taken daily.  

    • Dual enrolled students are expected to attend classes in person daily at the Community School. Please contact Amy Gibson or Kelly Lafean with questions if you have classes at both the high school and Community School. 

    • Distance learners who are dual enrolled are expected to join class on a daily basis and follow the expectations of the teacher

    Instructions for viewing student grades

    Canvas is the learning management system that Forest Lake Area Schools has adopted for students in grades 7-12. Parents are encouraged to create an account that will allow them to monitor their students' calendars, homework, grades and submissions. The following web pages are available to assist parents with Canvas. These include:

No Place for Hate

A Little About Our School

    Calendar of Events
    CS events in BLUE.
    District-wide events in MAROON