New Families - Welcome to Forest Lake Area Schools

    Our Communities
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    The city of Forest Lake and the surrounding communities that make up the Forest Lake Area School district have so much to offer new families. Residents are afforded the advantages of a small, suburban town with the amenities of a thriving cultural center. Located only a half-hour drive from both downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul, our communities are close enough for a comfortable commute with access to all of the great options that a first-class metropolitan area can offer. We're also just far enough from the downtown areas to offer some spectacular scenery and the great living environment for which Minnesota is known.


    Our School District

    Forest Lake Area Schools prides itself on providing its students with a comprehensive education, and families with an excellent variety of opportunities and activities. For students, our district focuses on both high levels of academic achievement as well as growing the "whole student." Our outstanding academics are certainly a point of pride, and our district features a tremendous selection of opportunities for students at every grade level, both in the classroom and out of the classroom.



    Families of Pre-K Students

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    The ages from birth to 5 years old are an amazing time in a child's life. So much physical, mental and emotional growth is taking place at this time, and choosing a great pre-school is a critical decision for all families. Our Early Childhood Education program provides students with those important learning tools that help them successfully make the eventual transition to kindergarten. Clicking the link below will take you to our Early Childhood Education page, which will provide more information about our programs.




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    Spanish Immersion

    The advent of all-day, every-day kindergarten became a statewide trend a few
    years ago with the passage of legislation at the state capitol that provided
    additional funding for this purpose. Because of the importance of this option for our parents, Forest Lake Area Schools was one of the first districts to unilaterally up the ante and provide all-day, every-day kindergarten prior to the
     state's action. Clicking the link below will take you to our Kindergarten Registration 

    page, which will provide you with information about our kindergarten program and how to register your child. 



    Elementary Schools



    Forest Lake Area Schools has a rare distinction: Every one of our seven elementary schools has been named a Minnesota School ofExcellence, an honor presented annually by the Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association. Very few school districts in the entire state of Minnesota can make this claim.
    Students attending our schools have a tremendous variety of options, from Language Immersion at Forest Lake, Forest View and Lino Lakes Elementary, to S.T.E.M. (also at Lino Lakes Elementary) to International Baccalaureate (at Scandia Elementary). Additionally, an excellent assortment of after-school activities including Future Problem Solvers, Math Masters, as well as many others, are available at many of our schools.
    Clicking the links below will provide more information about our excellent elementary schools.





    Middle School

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    Beginning this fall, all of our district's 7th and 8th grade students will attend school at Forest Lake Area Middle School. This school, located at the building formerly known as Century Junior High. The new Middle School will embrace a small school concept, designed around grade-level groupings that will support collaboration among students and staff. 



    High School

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    Our high school is the flagship of our district, serving students from the entirety of our 200+ square mile district, as well as the many open-enrollment students from other areas who choose to attend our district. The wide assortment of classroom opportunities and after school activities is certainly more than can be listed here. Additionally, the school's Ranger U program sets its sites on providing students with the skills and resources to challenge themselves academically as they prepare for the rigors of life after high school. Also, no other district in the north metro area provides more Advanced Placement (AP) and College in Schools (CIS) options than Forest Lake Area High School, providing students with university-level coursework that allows students to earn college credits, tuition free, while still in high school. Click here for more information about Forest Lake Area High School.


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