Levy is approved
  • 2018 Levy Implications

    At its June 7th meeting, the school board approved details about what the community can expect from either outcome of the levy referendum: a list of cuts should the referendum fail; and a list of spending priorities if the referendum succeeds. 


Your choice matters
  • What would be cut if the levy fails to pass?

    If the operating referendum is not approved, the school board has identified the following list of logical consequences and budget adjustments

    A combination of any of the following will be considered

    • Pair elementary schools K-3, 4-6, for example:
      • Linwood-Wyoming
      • Lino Lakes-Columbus
      • Scandia - Forest View/Forest Lake Elementary
    • Close one or more additional elementary schools
    • Increase class sizes due to the loss of teaching positions
    • Reduction or elimination of programs or elective areas, for example: music, agriculture, career and technical programs, Advanced Placement/Concurrent Enrollment courses, world language options, or other elective areas, and International Baccalaureate at Scandia Elementary
    • Charge for transportation within a 2-mile distance to school impacting FLAS, LILA, NLA, and St. Peters students
    • Reduction or elimination of athletics and activities
    • Increase fees for athletics, activities, and parking
    • Increase rental rates for community use of facilities and equipment
    • Close all elementary schools at 6 p.m. impacting facility use and youth programs
  • What are the school board's priorities for the additional funding if the Levy is approved?

    If the operating referendum is approved, the school board has identified the following spending priorities:

    Reduce class size averages - ($700,000 - $1,000,000)

    • Emphasis on early elementary grades
    • Additional teachers at secondary schools to reduce class size averages

    Restore and enhance classroom instructional resources that were reduced or eliminated through previous budget reductions - ($700,000 - $1,000,000)

    • Staff training in instructional best practices
    • Curriculum development and support
    • Instructional materials and resources
    • Technology support/integration
    • Reinstate a process to ensure that curriculum resources meet the needs of all students

    Attract and retain the best teachers and staff - (up to $2,500,000)
    53 teachers have left the district for an average salary increase of $10,293

    • Salary improvements for teaching staff
    • Salary improvements for support staff

     Enhance supports for struggling students - ($250,000 - $350,000)

    • Reading and math support for struggling students
    • Instructional resources for students
    • Mental health and behavioral supports for students

     Expand gifted and accelerated learning opportunities for students - ($250,000 - $350,000)

    • Training and support for teachers to provide enriched learning opportunities for gifted and accelerated students.
    • Instructional resources

    Retain and enhance education opportunities for students including music programs, career and technical programs, elective course opportunities, and college level courses for high school students - ($500,000 - $600,000)

    • Restore and expand course opportunities for students
    • Expand secondary course opportunities
    • Upgrade/replace classroom equipment
    • Restore access to after school activities

    Establish financial stability in an effort to avoid future budget reductions - ($400,000 - 600,000)

    • Stabilize district reserves to account for unpredictable state funding