• Minimum Preparation Requirements for the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University System

    Minimum high school preparation requirements for baccalaureate program. University of Minnesota requirements include the Twin Cities Campus, Crookston, Morris, and Duluth. State University System includes Bemidji, Mankato, Moorhead, St. Cloud, Metropolitan State, Southwest (Marshall), or Winona.
  • University of Minnesota Requirements

    • 4 years of English, including composition, literature and speech
    • 3 years of math, including two years of Algebra, one of which is Intermediate or Advanced Algebra, and 1 year of Geometry. 4 years of math will be required beginning the class of 2015.
    The fourth year of math can be any college preparatory math class offered at the high school. Examples of fourth-year courses include, but are not limited to, courses such as Pre-Calculus; Calculus; Advanced Functions and Statistics; Trigonometry; a math-intensive science class such as AP Physics, AP Chemistry or AP Biology. Students are encouraged to take a math or quantitative methodology course in their senior year that is considered to be the next course in their academic progression at their school.
    • 3 years of science, including one year each of a biological and a physical science, all with significant laboratory experience
    • 3 years of social studies, including one year each of Geography and U.S. History
    • 2 years of a single world language, including non-English native languages and American Sign Language
    • 1 year of arts (visual arts and the performing arts of theater, music, dance and media arts)
  • State University requirements

    • 4 years of English, with emphasis on writing, including instruction in reading and speaking skills and in literary understanding and appreciation
    • 3 years of mathematics, including one year each of Elementary Algebra, Geometry, and Intermediate Algebra 
    • 3 years of science, including one year each of biological and physical science, and including laboratory experience
    • 3 years of social studies, including one year each of U.S. History and Geography (or a course that includes a geography component such as World History, Western Civilization, or Global Studies)
    • 2 years of a single second language
    • 1 year of visual and/or performing arts, including instruction in the history and interpretation of the art form. (e.g., theater arts, music, band, chorus, orchestra, drawing, painting, photography, graphic design.)
  • Colleges may admit some students who have not met these requirements. The method of meeting these preparation requirements after admission will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may require the student to take additional course work.

    Further information is available on the Web:
    University of Minnesota – www.umn.edu
    MnSCU – www.mnscu.edu

    Please note that the high school prep requirements listed are only for the University of Minnesota and MnSCU systems. Requirements for all colleges and universities can change. Confirm with the college of your choice for their high school prep requirements.