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Health Services

The Forest Lake School District’s Health Service mission is to promote the health, safety and well being of students. We strive to reinforce healthy behaviors and remove health related barriers to learning.

Each school building has a health office that is primarily staffed with a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). There are also three Licensed School Nurses (LSN’s) who cover the district. As a team the LPN and LSN will provide professional support to students enrolled in the district. Several school buildings also have LPN's that work in Special Education with students who have medical needs.

The School District has developed policies and procedures that are based on recommendations from the MN Department of Health (MDH) and the MN Department of Education (MDE). The state of MN also has several laws pertaining to student health that must be followed. The health and well being of every student is important. How an illness can effect the student population as a whole is considered when developing these policies and procedures. 

For more information on Student Health Services, click here.


Nurse's Notes

Our District Nurse's will be adding information on a monthly basis. Check back here and click on the links below to learn more:
Click here for information on Measles and for a direct link, click here for the MDH website/Measles.
Click here for information on 6th to 7th grade transition.
Click here for information on the AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) in all district buildings.
here for information on Children's Dental Health
Click here for information on influenza (flu) or norovirus (gastroenteritis).
Click here for information on flu prevention/how to reduce the spread of germs. 
Click here for information on our lice procedure.
Click here for information on when to keep your student home from school. 

District Head Lice Procedure

Forest Lake Area Schools has updated the procedure for managing students with head lice. The change is to better align with recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN). Students can return to class after treatment for active head lice. To respect confidentiality, parents of unaffected students will not be notified.

More information about this change can be found here.

Important Health Information for Parents

Forms for Parents


Health Services Directory

District School Nurses:
Darla S. John, BSN, RN, LSN
Office - (651) 982-8460 
Stephanie Kapfer, BSN, RN, LSN
Office - (651) 982-3133 
Shannon Stachowiak, BSN, RN
Office - (651) 982-8338 
District Nurse Fax: (651) 982-8542

Elementary School Health Offices:

Central Montessori, Angie Taylor, LPN- (651) 982-3150
Columbus, Susan Gustafson, LPN - (651) 982-8905
Forest Lake, Angie Lindberg, LPN - (651) 982-3203
Forest View, Megan Kulenkamp, RN - (651) 982-8214
Lino Lakes, Joe Zeleny, LPN - (651) 982-8852
Linwood, Jackie Bruhjell, LPN - (651) 982-1902
Scandia, Christine Smith, LPN - (651) 982-3304
Wyoming, Jami Kenyon, LPN - (651) 982-8004
St. Peter's, Annette Kuusisto-Smith, LPN - (651) 982-2215

Secondary School Health Offices:

Area Learning Center, Angie Taylor, LPN - (651) 982-3150
Century Jr. High, Stacey Julien, LPN - (651) 982-3009
Southwest Jr. High, Dana Pfenning, LPN - (651) 982-8710
High School, Heather Johnson, LPN - (651) 982-8423