Our Testing Program

  • Testing is an important way for us to measure how our students are learning and growing, and to ensure our schools are providing students with what they need to be successful.

    Our schools use a variety of tests. The two most common tests - which are taken by the majority of our students - are the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) and FastBridge computer adaptive assessments, such as aReading, aMath, SAEBRS, and CBM.

    Forest Lake Area Schools Testing Schedule


    What’s the difference between the MCA-III and the FastBridge tests?

      MCA-III FastBridge Formative Assessments
    How often is it given? Once per year - in the spring Up to 4 times per year - in the fall, winter, spring, and summer
    When are results available? Over the summer/fall Within 72 hours
    Who takes it? Grades 3-8, 10 & 11 Grades K-8 (selected 9-12)
    How is it administered? Computerized Computerized
    What does it measure? Student, school and district performance on academic standards Individual student growth and academic performance and social emotional status
    How is it used? System accountability: Measures how students are meeting the Minnesota Academic Standards and determines if individual schools and the entire district is making adequate yearly progress (AYP) as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act. Placement in district programs; Measuring individual student growth; Uncovering individual student's academic strengths and weaknesses; Assists teachers in modifying instruction to meet the needs of students; Uncovering individual students' academic, social and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

    Testing Opt-Out Information:

    You may elect to not have your child(ren) participate in the state-required standardized assessments, but you must complete the Minnesota Department of Education's Parent/Guardian Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Assessments form.

    Additional Resources:

Tests administered in Forest Lake Area Schools

District Testing Results

  • Our testing program includes a variety of state-mandated tests, and other assessments that help our teachers better meet the needs of students.

    Testing is an important way for us to measure how our students are learning. We invite you to learn more about our testing program. For individual student test results, please contact your child's teacher or principal.

    Results from the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments and other state tests are available from the Minnesota Report Card section of the Minnesota Department of Education website.
    You may also feel free to contact our Assessment & Evaluation Coordinator, Lloyd Komatsu, 651-982-8158.