Registration for Current, NON FLAS, 8th Graders

  • Registration is an important process. For students who take time to read, plan, and reflect, it can help them formulate a plan for their future career. To help support this process, students are encouraged to utilize the resources found in the NEW to FLAS Digital Registration Folder.If after reviewing the materials and process you have questions, please reach out to Mrs. Brittni Miller

    To prepare for registration, all current 8th grade students should work with their families to complete the following steps:

Important Dates

  • January

    • 11th: High school Assistant Principals visit FLAMS to deliver materials and information.
    • 11th - 29th: Students and families explore interests and plan out courses and alternates for next year.
    • 26th @ 7pm: Parent night at the high school auditorium (Slides from the evening)
      • exploring the big picture
      • advanced placement courses
      • thinking beyond 9th grade
    • 29th: Target date to complete registration (those enrolling after 1/29 can still submit Course Requests to their Dean)


    • 2nd OR 7th anytime from 4-8pm: students and families meet with Ranger Connect Teacher to discuss and finalize student course plans