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Forest Lake science teacher receives Outstanding Science Teacher Award

Bruce Leventhal
FOREST LAKE, MINN. - Forest Lake Area High School science teacher Bruce Leventhal has received the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences' Outstanding Science Teacher Award.

Leventhal was notified in a letter from the University of Minnesota on Oct. 10 about his designation for the award.

In an effort to recognize the impact that high school teachers have on the success of current students at the university, The College of Biological Sciences encourages their new students to nominate former high school teachers that they feel deserve the award. Leventhal was nominated by his former students Sarah Burger, Maria Valentin and Victoria Cebulla.

In the letter to Leventhal from the university, Burger stated, "This teacher became the reason why I chose biology as my major. He treated us as adults and therefore challenged us to think critically about our world. He showed me that biology was deep and life changing and vast. He deeply cares about his students."

When Leventhal learned about his former students nominating him, he felt excited about what he does for a profession and how it helps students.
Leventhal Teaching
"I am always excited to learn that what we do in biology class has a meaningful impact on my students as they transition from high school to college or university," Leventhal said. "All three of the students worked hard for me when they were in my 2015-2016 AP Biology class. All three earned a 5 (the maximum score you can receive) when they took the AP exam in May of 2016 and all three decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in biology. Needless to say, seeing this made me quite happy."

As for his work as an educator in Forest Lake, Leventhal is proud to see that he is still making a difference in his students' lives.

"It is good to know that while I have aged and matured as a teacher in Forest Lake, I am still impacting my students in a positive way."