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FL Graduate Part of "Best Inventions of 2017" Adidas Team

Kendrick family outside of Adidas in China Dustin Kendrick, a 2006 graduate of Forest Lake Area High School, and the team he works with at Adidas just had one of their latest shoes highlighted in Time magazine's, "The 25 Best Inventions of 2017," November-December issue.


Kendrick has been working on Adidas's innovation group, known as the Future Team, as the Manager of Computational Engineering since March of 2017. Their latest shoe, the Futurecraft 4D, was recently highlighted in Time magazine as, "a shoe that lets you run faster, pivot better and jump higher. That's the idea behind the Futurecraft 4D, a new sneaker from Adidas whose midsole can be expertly tailored to the needs of its wearers - not only in size and shape, but also in flexibility, impact type, cushioning and more."
Kendrick was able to work alongside designers, sports scientists and other engineers to help produce the shoe. Specifically, Kendrick worked on the modeling and simulation to predict the shoe's performance and optimize the geometry to make sure that it met the company's performance standards.
"I was really proud of the team and all the hard work that had gone into producing this shoe because we were working in a brand new area without a lot of prior knowledge to draw from," Kendrick said. He also stated that because of the various technologies used in producing the shoe, he is excited to see where those will take the company.
According to the article on the technologies being used, "The key is the 3-D printing process, which enables Adidas to 'look at every single square millimeter of a midsole and tune it from a performance standpoint,' says Al VanNoy, who headed the project. It would take weeks to make those modifications using traditional shoemaking methods."
Helping produce the Futurecraft 4D is not the only thing that keeps Kendrick excited about going to work every day. He also enjoys working for such a creative business.
"The best part about working at Adidas has been the company culture, which emphasizes creativity and collaboration, and the team that I get to work with every day. In working on the shoe, I got to learn a variety of new skills to apply to help making the shoe the best it could be."
Upon release of the article, the Futurecraft 4D was slated to come out in mid-December of 2017.