Elite Readers

Scandia Elementary 3rd graders have beat out more than 200 schools to make it to the Final Four. Read to the Final Four is a competition sponsored by MyOn, a provider of digital reading materials for schools.

Six students lie with heads together, reading from iPad screens

With MyOn, students can choose from a variety of ebooks that are appropriate for their reading level. They can also choose to read the book silently, or follow along while the book is read to them. If they choose the to follow along with audio, words are highlighted as they are read aloud, so students can easily track their reading.

The Read to the Final Four competition began earlier this school year with 215 schools participating. Each school is competing to see how many minutes their students can read each week. 

Girl sits at a desk reading from an iPad

Scandia, Columbus and Forest View elementary schools each participated in the contest. All three schools made it into the top 64, Columbus made it into the Sweet Sixteen and Scandia is in the Elite Eight. Final Four participants will be announced on March 11.

Since the competition began, students have read more than 43,000 minutes.