News From Your Principal

Good morning Lino Families,

Yesterday the Governor announced that distance learning would continue for the remainder of this school year.  This is not what we had hoped for as my staff and I miss teaching our students in person.  However, the uncertainty around this is now known and we will make plans to ensure our students continue to learn and develop as best they can under the circumstances.  

From our FL district:

While most of our families are managing or even thriving with distance learning, we understand that distance learning was a challenge you never anticipated, and perhaps do not enjoy. We recognize that some of you continue to work full time, many of you have multiple school-age children and all of you are under a varying degree of stress from this pandemic situation.

We want you to know, when you reach out, we are listening. Our teachers continue to update and refine their approach to distance learning, and we are committed to supporting our students and families through this tough time. We are committed to two essential goals between now and the end of the year: first, we are committed to advancing your child’s learning and, second, we are committed to staying connected with your child.

One recent change that we have made is that elementary physical education and music grades will now be noted as NG (No Grade) on your child’s report card.

Music and physical activity can be exceptional ways to boost your child’s personal well being, and our specialist teachers are committed to providing great activities that can enrich and inspire your child, without adding to a family’s ever-growing to-do list. Please use these activities as tools to help your child stay engaged, happy and healthy, without the stress of needing to submit additional assignments and maintain a certain grade.

As a part of the Governor’s order, May 1 and 4 will be non-instructional days for students to allow time for staff to plan for distance learning through the end of the year. If your child's teacher has already shared lesson activities for May 1, your child can wait for further direction from the teacher on those activities. May 1 will remain a pick-up/drop-off day as originally planned.


At Lino Lakes Elementary we will continue to meet and improve our practice.  Elementary teachers are not trained to teach away from their physical classroom so it is a learning experience for us as well as you at home.  

One physical piece we need to accomplish is to return your student's personal belongings to you.  I will send out a separate communication on how we plan to do that in an efficient manner that is easy for all of you.

We will be planning some "in person" activities for our Lightning Students to see their teachers before the end of the year as well as an end of year experience

While now, more than ever, it is easy to see and hear what other districts, or schools, or teachers are doing, I ask you to focus on communicating with your child's teacher and staying committed to helping your student finish as best they can and ready to move on to next year at Lino Lakes Elementary.

Let us continue to work together, offer constructive feedback to improve, and reach out for help.

Thank you for all of your support so far.  On behalf of your Lino Staff, I will say it is appreciated.


Mr. Geary, Principal