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School Based Mental Health

What is School Based Mental Health (SBMH)?

A School Based Mental Health Program allows mental health agencies, with whom the district has an agreement, to
provide in-person mental health services to students who need those services within the school building during the
school day.  Although schools are not mental health agencies, students and families are better served when agencies work
together to meet student needs.

What about confidentiality?

The district and mental health professionals follow strict guidelines related to sharing private student data.
Discussions between the mental health professional and the student or the mental health professional and the parent
are completely confidential and not shared with any school personnel unless the parent gives permission for that
information to be shared.

What is the benefit of SBMH?

One of the biggest barriers to children and adolescents receiving mental health services is access to the agency that
provides those services. This agreement allows for students to have access to more available therapy time and miss
less school.  Allowing these services to take place at school helps everyone.

Who can provide school based mental health assistance to students?

Please see our Family Support Services page for more Mental Health and Financial Resources: