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Deaf/Blind is a low-incidence disability that requires unique training in order to adequately address the student’s needs.

Forest Lake Area Schools consults with Coordinators from the Minnesota Department of Education along with Intermediate School District #916 and Faribault School for the Deaf and Blind in order to design a program for Deaf/Blind students.



Minnesota Rule Chapter 3525.1327

Subpart 1. Definition and criteria.
"Deaf-blind" means medically verified visual loss coupled with medically verified hearing loss that, together, interfere with acquiring
information or interacting in the environment. Both conditions need to be present simultaneously, and the pupil must meet the criteria for both visually impaired and deaf and hard of hearing to be eligible for special education and services under this category.

Subp. 2. Pupils at risk.
Pupils at risk of being deaf-blind include pupils who:

A. are already identified as deaf or hard of hearing or visually impaired but have not yet had a medical or functional evaluation of the other sense (vision or hearing);
B. have an identified condition, such as Usher Syndrome or Optic Atrophy, that includes a potential deterioration of vision or hearing in the future;
C. have a medically or functionally identified hearing loss and a verified deficit in vision determined by a functional evaluation in the learning environment;
D. have a medically or functionally identified vision impairment and verified hearing loss determined by a functional evaluation in the learning environment; or
E. have an identified syndrome or condition that includes hearing and vision loss in combination with multiple disabilities, for example, CHARGE Syndrome.

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Current as of 10/12/07