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Severely Multiply Impaired

Forest Lake Area Schools provides services to students with an educational diagnosis of SMI at Wyoming Elementary School, Forest Lake Area Middle School and Forest Lake High School.

Most students diagnosed with SMI need service outside of the general education environment more than 60 percent of their school day. They usually need one-to-one assistance throughout their day and often require medical services.

Programs for students diagnosed with SMI focus on increasing the student’s independence in performing functional routines.


Severely Multiply Impaired (SMI)

Subpart 1. Definition.


"Severely multiply impaired" means a pupil who has severe learning and developmental problems resulting from two or more disability conditions by an evaluation as defined by part 3525.2710

Subp.2 Criteria. The team shall determine that a pupil is eligible as being severely multiply impaired if the pupil meets the criteria for two or more of the following disabilities:

A. deaf or hard of hearing, part 3525.1331;

B. physically impaired, part 3525.1337;

C. developmental cognitive disability: sever-profound range, part 3525.1333;

D. visually impaired, part 3525.1345;

E. emotional or behavioral disorders, part 3525.13.29; or

F. autism spectrum disorders, part 3525.1325.

STAT AUTH: MS s 120.17; L 1999c 123 s 19,20

HIST: 16 SR 1543; L 1998 c 397 art 11 s 3; 26 SR 657

current as of 01/18/02

Minnesota Rule 3525.1339