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Early Childhood Special Education

What is Early Childhood Special Education (ages 3-6)?

Children with disabilities, ages three through six-years, are eligible for special education services through the schools. For those children who qualify, services are usually provided within a school setting, although some children may be served within their home or other environments if that best meets their needs.

A child who receives Early Childhood Special Education under the Developmental Delay criteria is re-evaluated prior to turning seven years of age. To continue to receive special education services beyond their seventh birthday, they must qualify for one of the K-12 disability areas previously listed.   Often students are referred for an evaluation after concerns arise during Early Childhood screening, but parent s and other caregivers may make referrals prior to or after screening when they developmental concerns arise.
Number to call for EC screening 651-982-8131.

Refer a Child

For more information about how to refer your child, please visit the MN Help Me Grow website.


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