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Transportation Forms

Daycare/Change in Student Pick Up/Take Home:

If your child needs transportation to or from any location other than your home, you must fill out the change form available here or in all school offices. Only permanent changes to a stop location (more than five school days) will be processed. Please complete and submit the form to the building Principal, who will forward it to the Transportation Department. Please allow three business days to process this request. The Transportation Department is unable to transport a child to any location other than the legal residence without written permission to do so.

The Daycare/Change of Student Pick Up and Take Home form must be submitted every school year. The Transportation Department will change the student pick up and take home address back to the home residence at the end of every school year.

Daycare/Change in Student Pick Up/Take Home Form

Bus Stop Change Request:

Bus routing is generally designed with buses traveling on main roads through neighborhoods and with students picked up and dropped off at central locations. Stops are located at corners or intersections whenever possible and are usually central to where students are coming from. If you believe your bus stop does not meet the criteria for establishing stops in accordance with established district policies or state Laws, please complete the Bus Stop Change Form.

Bus Stop Change Request Form

Open Enrollment Transportation Request:

If your child is Open Enrolled and you want him/her to be considered for transportation you must fill out the Open Enrollment Transportation Request form. You can mail the form to the district office or scan it as a PDF and email to It will be reviewed by the transportation director and you will be notified by letter.

Open Enrollment Transportation Request Form

Special Needs Transportation Request Form:

If your child requires special needs transportation services, please work with your Case Manager to determine if transportation services can be placed in your child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) or contact the Special Education Department at (651) 982-8131.