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Special Needs Services

In special education, transportation is a related service and may be included as a part of your child’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP). School bus drivers are not authorized to alter routes without prior approval of the Transportation Department.

Transportation Address

If a child is to be picked up or delivered at an address other than the residence of the parent or guardian, please communicate this to your child’s Case Manager. We are not able to change addresses temporarily. A change in pick up or delivery address must also be documented on the ♦Change of Student Pick Up/Take Home form.

Location of Bus Stops

Every effort is made to establish stops in safe and convenient locations. However, safety will always take precedence over other criteria. Students with disabilities will be picked up at home whenever safe and possible to do so without compromising safety or damaging equipment.

Roadways and driveways must be properly maintained and clear of all obstacles. Trees and branches must be kept trimmed to avoid contact with the bus.

Pick-up Procedure

All children must be ready for pick-up five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Buses must operate on a definite schedule in order to provide consistent service and arrive to school on time. It is imperative that your child be ready on time. Bus drivers are not permitted to honk the horn. If the bus is required to wait for each child on the route, the bus will be late for school. The parent is responsible for assisting the child from the house to the bus in the morning, and from the bus to the house in the evening. Drivers/aides will not come to your door.

Delivery of Pupils

No child will be permitted to leave a bus at a point other than the school or designated bus stop. If the parent is unable to meet the bus, and has not made other arrangements to have a responsible person receive their child at the designated drop-off point, the bus driver will take the child back to school, where the parents must pick up the child as soon as possible. The school bus drivers may require that the designee provide identification.

Unattended Drop-Off

All students must be met by an adult unless the bus driver has received written permission from the guardian that indicates that an unattended drop-off is appropriate.

Proper Dress

During periods of inclement or extremely cold weather, make certain that your child is dressed appropriately, as the door on the bus is opened and closed many times during the course of a route. On wheelchair buses the door is open for a long period of time while the lift is in operation.

Moving or Changing Addresses

During the school year: Should it be necessary to change your child’s pick-up or drop-off point during the school year, please communicate this change to your child’s case manager. The Transportation Department will usually be able to process the change within five (5) school days. It is important to request a change of address as early as possible so that transportation is not interrupted. Due to the large number of students transported, the District is not able to change addresses temporarily for parents who wish to take vacations or plan to be away for short periods of time during the school year.

During the summer months: The Transportation Department begins developing school bus routes during the month of July for the following school year. If you move during the summer months or must make daycare arrangements, do so early so that service is assured on the first day of school.

Route Changes

Parents should be prepared for changes in buses, routes, and time of pick-up and delivery throughout the school year as a result of student additions, withdrawals or address changes. The driver is responsible for notifying a parent if the pickup or delivery time changes by more than five (5) minutes. Buses may run later during days of unfavorable conditions such as snow and ice or problems during the route.


Bus drivers and bus aides are not permitted to store medication or medical equipment on the bus. All medication must be securely transported by the students or transported to school by the parents.

Personal Hygiene

If you are in the process of toilet training your child please remember the bus ride can be long. Give your child the opportunity to use the bathroom before leaving home.

Special Education Transportation Brochure