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Extended Day Program

Elementary WIN program (What I Need)


Extended Day provides an opportunity for students in grades 1-8 to reinforce and further develop the skills taught during the school day.  The program has 3 critical components designed to maximize student learning:

Extended Day Teachers

We are committed to hiring high-quality teachers for the Extended Day program. The Extended Day teaching staff consists of licensed teachers who are experienced in teaching the grade level they are teaching in the program. In most Extended Day classrooms, the teacher is a Forest Lake Area School District teacher who is familiar and experienced in teaching the curriculum of that grade level.

  • Licensed teachers who are familiar with the grade level curriculum they are teaching are hired for the extended day program
  • Small classes that enable more personalized instruction
  • The curriculum used during extended day reinforces the skills taught during the school year.

Middle School Club

The Middle School Club is after-school programming for students to support their educational experiences in the areas of social emotional, academic and organizational skills.  The purpose of the program is to provide a routine place and time after school for students to focus on academic work, organizational skills, time management and social emotional support.  Staff will use evidence-based strategies to implement programming for students. Our students meet their full potential by having many opportunities for engagement through positive relationships and a healthy learning environment.  Students will participate in goal setting and will strive to meet those goals.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2:25 to 4:25 p.m.