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    From our PTA

    February is "I Love To Read month" and we are excited to be able to do a read-a-thon fundraiser this year!!  It will start February 1 and run all month long.  It is all done online and students count minutes read, both in school and outside of school.  As they earn donations, they also earn money to be used at the online store and choose their own rewards.  The information sheets went home with each student and parents can set up their site and go from there. 

    From the Read-A-Thon company : 

    Our Read-a-thon is a program that brings students together with family and friends to encourage reading and to build literacy skills. The main focus of the Read-a-thon is for everyone to know we are committed to improving reading skills. To that end, the Read-a-thon promises to be a fun, exciting journey for all participants as they begin a personal Reading Adventure that challenges each reader to complete 10 reading sessions over our 4-week event.

    Our Read-a-thon will start Monday February 1st 2021. We will send home paperwork with your reader explaining how you will activate their personal Read-a-thon page. We understand that, as parents, you have high expectations for the quality of your child’s education but also have limited time. That’s why we chose to hold a Read-a-thon. You will find this to be the easiest fundraiser possible. By simply activating your reader’s personal page and using the promotional tools found there, friends and family anywhere in the world can show their support for your reader by making a donation to our Read-a-thon. Your involvement in the Read-a-thon will help your child develop a lasting love of reading. We hope each one of you will activate your child’s personal page the day your child brings home their paperwork.

    You Can Register Now. Go to:

    Read-a-thon registration

    To sign up. You can do it all in a minute or two and really help us meet our financial needs. How It Works:
    • Activate your account at the link above.
    • Use the easy online tools to tell friends and family about our Read-A-Thon.
    • Track and log at home reading sessions online.
    • That's it!

    Thanks so much,

    Wyoming Elementary School  

    Wyoming Elementary PTA





    Kindergaren Round up


    Join our Forest Lake Area Schools family!

    You may download and complete the enrollment forms and submit them to your child’s
    school at any time.  PLEASE SCAN AND EMAIL FORMS TO mcharpentier@flaschools.org

    or call 651-982-3154 to learn more.

     Due to the COVID pandemic, we are going to postpone our kindergarten roundup event, typically held in late January, to a date later in the spring when the virus is less prevalent in the community. In the meantime, we are excited to welcome you to one of our virtual informational meetings, with the opportunity for Q & A with our staff.


    Dates to attend any one of the following virtual Google Meet sessions:


    During your virtual visit you will:

    • View a brief slideshow presentation
    • Meet the kindergarten teachers
    • Meet your school principal


    Please do not hesitate to ask questions and become involved in your child’s education. Feel free to call our office at 651-982-1907 if you have any questions about kindergarten. You can also arrange a personal tour by emailing Martha Charpentier at mcharpentier@flaschools.org.  You can also register at our  Welcome Center .

    **All kindergarten students need to have a pre-school screening.  If you are in need of scheduling this, please click here schedule a Pre-K screening 

    **All kindergarten registrations must include a copy of the student's birth certificate.

    Welcome to Kindergarten video





    Check out our Wildcat gear.

    Check out Wyoming’s online store for all of your Wildcat and Ranger gear!





    Change of transportation Transportation change forms

    Please remember we need a transportation change form if your student will be riding thebus to or from a location different than your home address. 

    Click here for the form.
















    Apply for Free and Reduced School lunch

    Qualifying for free or reduced breakfast

    or lunch is easier than you think. 

    Click here for details:  http://forestlakeschoolfs.com/







    School Breakfast


    Did you know breakfast is free for all Kindergarten students? 




    Here Comes the Bus is now available for Forest Lake Area Schools   HERE COMES THE BUS

    • View the real-time location of your child’s bus
    • Access the app from your smartphone, tablet or computer
    • Receive push notifications or email alerts
    • Send your child to the bus stop at just the right time, every time

    Here Comes the Bus                     









    Strengthening a Positive Climate for Learning

    New District-Wide Bullying Prevention Form Available

    In a continuing effort to prevent bullying and quickly deal with any bullying that occurs, Forest Lake Area Schools has launched a new district-wide procedure for identifying and reporting bullying behavior. If you believe that your child or a student you know is being bullied, please fill out this Bullying Reporting Form. The form can be filled out online but must be printed and signed before it is turned in at any school office in the district. Paper copies of the form are also available at each school building and the Community Education office. For more information about bullying prevention in Forest Lake Area Schools, visit the bullying resource page here.
    Digital Backpack Community Education's "Digital Backpack"

    The school district's Digital Backpack has information from area groups who sponsor opportunities for youth. 

    Update telephone Update Phone Numbers and Email Addresses


    If you have changed your home, cell or work telephone numbers or email address, please call the school office at 651-982-8000 as soon as possible.  It is very important that this information is current in our system.  If your student lives in two households, each household should have their contact information separate.


    Wyoming Wildcats ROAR!


    Latex balloons and gloves are prohibited in the school. 
    Wyoming Elementary school hours are 9am-3:40pm.